System Error Signals Explained

Q: Why is my "check engine" Light on?

A: The amber colored "check engine" light is there to help warn drivers of a problem with their car's engine and related systems. It could be caused by something as minor as a loose gas cap or could be an indicator of something more serious with a systems, electrical, fuel, or emissions fault. A steady light especially should not be ignored or a major engine or transmission damage could occur. If you experience this indicator light, contact our Service Department for a correct diagnosis. If the light is flashing, the vehicle should be towed and not driven in for service.

Q: My "brake system warning light" is on - what's going on?

A: The brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and they go a long way to keep you safe behind the wheel. However, it's often hard to determine whether the noises we hear our brakes making are the result of something simple, like air in the brake line, or if they are a warning sign of imminent brake failure. If the brake system warning light comes on, check under the hood for a plastic reservoir that contains brake fluid called the master cylinder. Locate the side that has a MAX and a MIN dot. The fluid level should be kept between those marks. The fluid level drops as the brake pads wear down. For a better idea of what could be causing your brake trouble, contact our Service Department immediately to make an appointment.

Q: My engine feels like it has a rough or shaky idle state - what could this mean?

A: A rough engine idle can come from a variety of causes. During the winter months, cars may have a harder time starting and will shake when first turned on. This form of rough idle can easily be mistaken for other problems. Engine idle problems can also be attributed to malfunctioning components, such as misfiring spark plugs or a dirty fuel injector. Holes in the air intake valve can also cause a rough engine idle because of excessive amounts of air being drawn in. Following the factory recommended service intervals will help prevent this from occurring.

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